Basic Bible Trivia

By basic Bible trivia, we don’t mean that all of the trivia quizzes here are easy.  It is simply meant to separate general Bible trivia games from ones that are geared specifically around a book or chapter of the Bible.  These trivia games have a broad range.  Some will cover the entire Bible while others will focus on a narrower category such as kings of the Christmas story.

General Bible trivia

To get started we have two general Bible trivia games.  You will hopefully do well on the first trivia game and if not, we implore you to study your Bible more.  The more advanced Bible quiz will test your knowledge more greatly.  Those who are well versed in their Bible shouldn’t have too much trouble though.

  • Basic Bible trivia
  • Advanced Bible trivia

Books of the Bible trivia

How well do you know what is in each book of the Bible?

  • Books of the Bible
  • Books of the Old Testament (coming soon)
  • Books of the New Testament (coming soon)

Other Trivia

We don’t know how else to classify these so we’ll just put them all here.  They will test your knowledge of various areas of the Bible.

  • Prophet, Apostle, or King?
  • Kings of the Bible
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