Best Word Games for Your IOS Device

The world has shifted from traditional cricket, hockey, and football to digital games. This revolutionary change occurred when people started having little or no time for themselves. People started shifting from the video games to the little handheld devices, the smartphones, and tablets and started to play games on them. The iOS devices have been there on the market for a few decades now.

These devices are armed with great touch screens and strong graphics that are capable of supporting the innovative games. There are a number of word games, which has been helping people to sharpen the vocabulary and skills of a person.

Here is a list of the Best IOS Games about which you should have a proper information. Full list of IOS Games from Word Category can be found here.

Word Cookies

One of the simplest and addictive games, Word Cookies, allows you to unravel your vocabulary. Though this game might look difficult in the beginning, it becomes easy as you start progressing in the game. You have to keep swiping between the letters in order to create words, and then you have to submit the creation.

If the word is corrected, you are a step ahead and you can finish the level, and if it is not, there is no harm in trying again. Word Cookies is one of the most amazing puzzle games, which will keep you hooked to your screen for a long time. Additionally, you can learn new words which you can apply later on, in your daily life and you can even find answers and cheats on websites like:


Another addictive game that you can play when you are bored is WordBrain. You can join the thirty billion brainiacs from all around the world and train your brain to be the best. WordBrain is basically an interesting word puzzle that has to be solved by the word geniuses.

It might look easy when you start, but as you progress, it starts getting challenging and tricky. It is almost like a brain exercise in which you have to find out all the hidden words. If it is done in the correct order, the entire grid will be cleared. This is one of the most relaxing games that you will come across in your play store. You can find answers for this game too on this other website.


There is no end to sharpening your vocabulary as there are more than one addictive word games available on the iOS devices. Wordscapes, being one of them, is undoubtedly a challenging but interesting game that you will fall in love with.

The game combines both crosswords as well as word searching. Once you play this game, you will find yourself opening up the game and playing again and again. Play this wonderful word puzzle game, and you will never keep your device down.


If you are looking for a simple game that is able to challenge your vocabulary, try PopWords! There are three ways in which you can play the game. These ways include Classic, Puzzle, and Practice.
The Classic and Puzzle are the challenging levels, but in the Practice level, you do not have any timer, and you can find the words easily in your own sweet time. If you have trouble finding this game here is the link to it.

Word Search Pro

You will have a fun time finding out the hidden words in the game. This game allows you to hone your puzzle, vocabulary, and spelling skills. You can select among the three difficulty levels, easy, medium, or hard and play the game according to your choice.

If you love playing games, why not try something unique and apt for your brain? Try these word games and you will be amazed to see your vocabulary increase in no time! Also, allow yourself to relax with these beautiful brain-challenging games.

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